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March 24, 2024

A unique and exciting wedding in Costa Rica Pangas Beach Club | Jaime & Rey | Adri Mendez

One of the most beautiful weddings and its ceremony was right under a giant tree, Wedding photography in Costa Rica Pangas Beach Club | Jaime & Rey | Adri Mendez, surrounded by nature and the beach, the day was beautiful, the weather was super beautiful and the golden sunset was incredible and thanks to the help of Barbara from Four nineteen weddings everything was beautiful, simple and different!

Jaime is from the United States and King of Brazil, we met before the wedding on Skype and they told me everything about the wedding, how they met and how excited they were to come to Costa Rica to get married, Jaime loves succulents and part of the decoration and the bouquet was with succulents, the wedding day was relaxed, the ceremony was super emotional and Jaime was excited about the wedding, in fact, her brother gave a speech during, which made Jaime cry with joy.

And the party, it was the party, everyone danced, drank, hugged, sang and even did choreography ha ha ha ha ha ha and the speeches, both from the bridesmaids and Rey’s brothers, were incredibly moving, but above all all grateful that two people so good and so dear to them were together.

Captivating Wedding Moments at Pangas Beach Club, Costa Rica

In the heart of Costa Rica’s mesmerizing landscape, amidst lush greenery and the gentle embrace of the ocean, unfolded a truly enchanting wedding ceremony. Jaime and Rey’s union was not just a celebration of love but a testament to the beauty of nature and the magic it weaves into our lives.

Jaime & Rey: A Love Story Across Continents

Jaime, hailing from the United States, and Rey, a native of Brazil, found their hearts intertwined across continents. Their journey to Costa Rica, where their love would bloom into a lifelong commitment, was marked by anticipation and excitement. Through countless Skype calls and heartfelt conversations, they shared their dreams, their love for each other, and their vision for their special day.

Thank you thank you thank you Jaime and Rey, I wish you the best forever, a huge hug!




Fotografía boda Costa Rica Pangas Beach Club



costa rica beach Club wedding


Jaime and Rey’s wedding was more than just a ceremony; it was a testament to the power of love, the beauty of nature, and the joy found in togetherness. As they begin their journey as husband and wife, may their love continue to flourish, guided by the memories of their enchanting day in Costa Rica.

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Celebrate Your Love Story in Costa Rica!

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