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Mariel and Alejandro’s Dreamy Wedding at Hacienda Montemar

Mariel and Alejandro celebrated at Hacienda Montemar that started with a breathtaking ceremony overlooking the mountains- it was like a gift from the universe itself. With the mountains in the backdrop, with the mountains as their witnesses, this couple said their “I do’s” surrounded by the kind of natural beauty that makes you believe in magic.

 it was a view that had everyone catching their breath.

As the photographer, I was in my element. Capturing the couple’s tender moments during the ceremony, the playful shots at the carnival, and the joy that was palpable in the air – it was like documenting a rollercoaster of emotions and good times.

Let’s talk about the decoration- elegant was the name of the game. The venue was decked out in a way that made you feel like you’d stepped into a dream. From the floral arrangements that seemed to have been plucked from a fairytale garden to the sophisticated table settings, every detail oozed style.

It was a real-life adventure where mountains met love, and a carnival turned the night into a party that nobody would forget. With the stars above and the music in the air, it was a celebration that perfectly mirrored the couple’s vibrant love story. 🎡💍🎉


Location ~ Hacienda Montemar

Costa Rica wedding photographer ~ Adri Mendez

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