Tropical Dream Wedding at Dreams Las Mareas | Marli y Jesse | at Dreams Las Mareas

October 20, 2023
October 20, 2023 control

A wedding celebration in the paradise of Costa Rica

We’re diving into a wedding story that’s straight out of a tropical daydream.

Marli & Jesse who decided to kick off their happily-ever-after at Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rica. So, get ready for a tale filled with love, laughter, and all the awesomeness that made this wedding truly unforgettable. Friends, family, and loved ones flew in to join the party—now that’s what you call a gathering of good vibes! 

But wait, let’s talk about that dress. Oh, omg, that dress! It wasn’t just a gown; it was an absolute masterpiece that could’ve stopped traffic! Lace, elegance, and a touch of pure magic—it was a dress that left everyone’s jaws on the sandy floor. It was as if the dress was custom-made by the sun, the sea, and the wind themselves. Every detail, from the lace patterns to the way it moved with the breeze, reflected their unique love story.

But that’s just the beginning! Having a stunning ceremony arch adorned with flowers and greenery at Santa Elena Beach—the heart of it all. As the couple exchanged their vows under this natural masterpiece, it was as if the surroundings held their love in a gentle embrace.

Now, let’s talk about that coconut station. They became the life of the party! Everybody was totally coco-nuts about it. So, here’s to love that knows no bounds, coconuts that steal the show, and celebrations that are as unique as the couple themselves. From the intimate moments before the ceremony to the fun-filled reception, they were completely present in every moment, and their love for each other was palpable. Capturing their special day was an honor, and I know their beautiful memories will last a lifetime.

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica, you set the stage for an epic bash, and I was there to capture every moment. Here’s to love, coconuts, and a forever full of rad memories! 🌴🎉📸❤️

Location ~ Dreams Las Mareas

Costa Rica wedding photographer ~ Adri Mendez

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