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Where to get married in Costa Rica?

As a wedding photographer in this paradisiacal country, Costa Rica, I have had the opportunity to get to know a lot of beautiful venues to get married here! I would love to share my top 20 venues or places to get married, including photos of events I have attended as a photographer. These venues have everything you need for an incredible Destination Wedding in Costa Rica, such as beautiful landscapes, fantastic food, excellent customer service, clean and safe areas, and of course, the Pura Vida wedding style!

Costa Rica is an incredible place to get married; we have lots of excellent beaches, beautiful venues in Costa Rica for weddings, countless hotels, and awesome vendors that can help you with your destination wedding in Costa Rica. So, get prepared because we are about to dip into the main areas to get married in Costa Rica <3 Those are:

* Guanacaste (the driest section of the national territory and the most popular to get married in Costa Rica. I believe you would find interesting the following places for a wedding in Guanacaste: Tamarindo (one of the most popular places to get lots of options to get married), Papagayo Area (Hotel Andaz, Four seasons, Secrets Papagayo or Mangroove), el Coco Beach, Hacienda Pinilla, Reserva Conchal.

  • Costa Rican South includes Manuel Antonio Beach, Dominical Beach, Peninsula de Osa, Uvita Beach, and Herradura Beach.
  • In the Monteverde area, you can find many beautiful options, for example, Belmar Hotel.
  • San Carlos area has a lot of beautiful hotels close to the volcano. The wedding photos get unique with that gorgeous landscape like at the beautiful Nayara hotel.
  • Puerto Viejo: The Caribbean area in Costa Rica and a perfect small and intimate place to get married, with much nature and spectacular beaches!
Best Wedding Venues in Costa Rica

List of the most romantic places to get married in Costa Rica

1- Guancaste, Tamarindo, Pangas

Web ~ Pangas Beach Club

Location ~ Guanacaste, Tamarindo

Capacity ~ 200 people

This is one of the most popular venues to get married in Costa Rica, so if you want it for your wedding, hurry up! It gets booked fast, with a new shadow from this unique tree, and the food, OMG, is delicious! You will find many hotels very close where you can have your getting ready. The view is beautiful when walking down the aisle in this incredible place; the white sand is gorgeous! You can check out one of their weddings here. P.d. You can have a small or big wedding here; this place is incredible.

2- Guanacaste, Tamarindo, Sueños del Mar

Web ~ Sueño del Mar

Location ~ Guanacaste, Tamarindo

This is a perfect place for a small, intimate wedding or to elope in Costa Rica. This venue in Tamarindo is so cute and lovely, the rooms are gorgeous, and they are right next to the beach; I love it!

3- Tamarindo, Casa Puro Dieces

Web ~ Casa Puros Dieces

Location ~ Tamarindo

Capacity ~ 50 people

This venue in Tamarindo is a perfect place to have an intimate wedding. You will need to hire rentals, food, and a wedding planner; it sounds like a lot, but it is worth it, and you can have the wedding on the beach (for this wedding planner is a must) and have the reception at the house.

4 – Guanacaste, Dreams las Mareas

WebDreams las Mareas Resort & Spa

Location ~ Guanacaste

Capacity ~ 200 people

This is an all-inclusive hotel in Guanacaste. This venue is perfect for weddings because it has a beautiful beach with white sand, and they have a lot of experience with preview weddings. So, you will find everything you need to make it come together, and We also love this part; they offer the option to have the reception at the beach OMG! With beautiful warm lights, it is an easy and great option if you want it all in one place: no more losing time in transportation, YAS!

P.d. You can have a small or big wedding here; this location is as versatile as beautiful and complete.

5- Guanacaste, Papagayo Hotel Andaz weddings and Prieta Beach Club Papagayo

Web ~ Andaz Costa Rica Resort

Location ~ Prieta Beach Club Papagayo

Capacity ~ 300 people

These beautiful hotels and beach clubs are part of the Papagayo area; you can find Four Seasons, Secrets, Mangroove, and others. But Hotel Andaz is one of the most luxurious wedding venues in Papagayo, Costa Rica. You will find beautiful rooms, incredible beach scenarios, and high-standard customer service. And if you want a BIG PARTY, you can choose Prieta Beach Club. The good news is that Hotel Andaz recently expanded, and you can have a big event too! Excellent options for weddings or elopements in Costa Rica. Enjoy your stay; we are in charge of making it feel like paradise.

6- Guanacaste, Four Seasons Hotel 

Web ~ Four Seasons Resort

Location ~ Guanacaste, Papagayo

Capacity ~ 200 people

This luxury wedding venue in Costa Rica offers different and unique options for getting married; you can choose between the mountain with the beautiful view of Papagayo or the gorgeous warm beach. They have fantastic food and decoration, you don’t have to worry about anything, they have everything! I love this place because if you really want a luxurious service, this is the proper venue! And well, Papagayo is in the driest area in Guanacaste, so you can come in the green “rainy” season too. Check out this beautiful wedding here.

P.d. Also, here you can have a small or big wedding.

7- El Chante in Tamarindo 

Web ~ El Chante

Capacity: 20 people

This fantastic house is perfect for an intimate wedding or to elope in Costa Rica. Its unique design and beautiful landscape make this house a wonderful place to have a gorgeous wedding. The unbreathing view, the beautiful house, the balconies, and the pool area are attractive options for your day and staying together with your family and closest friends.

8- Las Catalinas – Hotels

Web ~ Las Catalinas

Web ~ Santarena

Web ~ Casa Chamaleon

Capacity: 300 people

Las Catalinas is a stunning, unique, and small town located in Guanacaste and is one of the most beautiful and special areas for a destination wedding in Costa Rica. With colorful houses, buildings, restaurants, and plazas. This new town is car-free and walking inside is a beautiful experience; each corner is perfect for photos, and you will love to celebrate by mixing town and beach.

9- Hacienda Pinilla weddings

Location ~ Guanacaste

Web ~ Hacienda Pinilla Beach House

Capacity ~ 10 people-200 people depending on the area in Hacienda Pinilla, and it is one of the few places to offer a beautiful and small church.

Hacienda Pinilla is a residencial and hotel area in Guanacaste. Here you can find Beach Club Hacienda Pinilla or rent a house. They have a lot of beautiful places to rent, with exquisite architectural details. You can choose either to have the wedding at the colonial church they have or, if you prefer, the beach; there you can do it too! This venue is perfect, offers many different scenarios to get the most beautiful pictures, and in Summer, is simply outstanding!

10- Llanos del Cortes waterfall Guanacaste Bagaces

Capacity: 10 people

This is a public waterfall in Costa Rica, Bagaces, and Guanacaste. It is impressive, unique, and an incredible place to have a small wedding or to elope here in Costa Rica! It has a magical light, and access is so easy; I love that beautiful simplicity. Just consider having the wedding on weekdays; weekends are impossible because the place gets crowded. This, for sure, is one of my favorite places; affordable and incredible!

11- Guanacaste, Reserva Conchal-Westin

Location ~ Guanacaste

Web ~ Reserva Conchal

Capacity: 10 people-200 people depending on the area in Reserva Conchal Reserva Conchal is a residential and hotel area in Guanacaste; you can find Westin or Reserva Conchal as a location, or you can rent a house; they have a lot of beautiful places where you can stay. You can have the wedding at the church, or if you prefer, the beach is a fantastic option where you can have it too! This venue is perfect because it offers different scenarios and, during Summer, is gorgeous! You can check the wedding here.

12- Guanacaste, Nosara

Web ~ Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

Web ~ Hacienda Barrigona

Location: Villas Privadas de Lujo en Costa Rica

Capacity: 50 to 100 people

Nosara is one of the most exotic areas in Costa Rica; you can find a lot of beautiful and unique venues for weddings, elopements, or your perfect honeymoon. You can find incredible beaches and hotels offering exclusive wedding designs. Nosara is excellent for weddings; you’ll feel the nature and the Costa Rica paradise vibe.

13- Finca Austria

Web ~ Finca Austria

Capacity ~ 120 people

Finca Austria is a stunning house in the middle of the mountains of Nosara, with a fantastic view. This property offers four villas and a ranch for a medium size wedding. What we love the most about this unique property is the view, the stunning pool for ceremonies or cocktail hour, and the ranch for the party!

14- Santa Teresa, Santa Teresa weddings

Web ~ Banana Beach

Capacity: 10-100 people

Santa Teresa is one of the most beautiful places to get married in Costa Rica; you can find a lot of venues such as houses, hotels, and delicious restaurants too! It is perfect for destination weddings in Costa Rica; if you arrive in San Jose, you must cross a little portion of the sea on a ferry to get to Santa Teresa. This trip is excellent for getting to know a different part of Costa Rica.

15- Manuel Antonio weddings, Punto de Vista

Web ~ Punto de Vista 

Capacity: 10-100 people depends on the area house.

This venue for weddings in Costa Rica is located in Manuel Antonio. It is an excellent and gorgeous mansion with a unique design, and perfect for getting ready and the wedding reception; they have an incredible staff to work with, and you can feel the privacy and the jungle in the same place; it is perfect for weddings.

16- Manuel Antonio, Costa Verde

Web ~ Costa Verde

Location ~ Guanacaste, Tamarindo

Capacity ~ between 50 to 150 people

This hotel has the benefit that you can have your wedding in the beautiful mountain or right in the gorgeous.

Manuel Antonio beach. So, I recommend these two options because if you are in Costa Rica for a destination wedding, the best options are the mountains or the beach, what we are known for, NATURE 🙂 You can check out this beautiful wedding here.

17- Manuel Antonio, Manuel Antonio beach

Manuel Antonio Beach has the benefit that you can have the wedding at a hotel or make it happen at the beach. The result is always a beautiful wedding or elopement, only in Manuel Antonio! You can thoroughly check out this beautiful elopement here.

18- San Carlos, Hotel Nayara weddings

Web ~ Nayara Gardens

Web ~ The Springs Resort & Spa

Web ~ Hotel Los Lagos

Web ~ Amor Arenal

Location: San Carlos

These incredible venues in La Fortuna, San Carlos, are the perfect place to have the impressive volcano and the waterfall close to each other. If you want a forest experience, this place is your choice; to get to the waterfall, we would have to walk a lot, but it is part of the adventure! And if the weather is correct, we can include the volcano in the photos; so beautiful! Unfortunately, it gets so rainy during a few months, so the best option is Summer, so we can have the volcano included, which is an incredible detail to your pictures!

19- La Fortuna Waterfall

This impressive, huge and stunning waterfall is located in La Fortuna. It is the perfect place to feel in the jungle and exercise because you need to downstairs 500 stairs, but it is worth it. Ideal for 5 guests weddings and elopement; since it is a public place, there are permissions and preparation for tourists, but if you wake up early to be there at 7:30 am, you can find it without people and perfect for ceremonies.

20- Alajuela, La Paz waterfall wedding

Web ~ La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Location ~ Alajuela, Costa Ria

Capacity ~ 10 people

This place is incredible for an elopement in Costa Rica, with the impressive waterfall and the bridges around the mountain. Oh, it’s so beautiful; you will have an intimate, romantic wedding, elopement, or honeymoon. You can check out this beautiful elopement here.

Celebrate Your Love Story in Costa Rica!

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