A Celebration of Love and Adventure, Costa Rica

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A Celebration of Love and Adventure, Costa Rica destination wedding | Anita and Patrik | Adri Mendez

Costa Rica is an exotic country with fantastic beaches, dramatic coastal views, and lush forests. It’s easy to see why Anita and Patrick fell in love with the country the first time they went there.

Guanacaste, in Andaz, it was fitting that they exchanged their “I dos” perched on the hillside with breathtaking coast views.

We had the best luck because Papagayo’s weather was full of storms, specifically that week. Still, the wedding day at the beautiful Andaz was perfect! With an incredible sun, ideal to say YES in the middle of nature.

Then, the ceremony with this incredibly soft and elegant decoration, the beach in the distance, and Patrick with happiness and joy expressed on his face. Also, Anita walked down the aisle with her dad and mom; it was so emotional. It was precious after the wedding, with the speeches and the cute way Patrick looked at Anita, no words!

The husband and wife’s photo shoot was super fun once the ceremony was over! Patrick and Anita enjoyed Andaz’s golf area; we got many pictures that included the ocean and mountains as background.

SURPRISED a boat for the family and friends to relax before the reception; what was the best idea to have the cocktail hour on the Yacht omg! Love it!

One of the things I loved the most about this wedding was the elegant and minimalist decoration, again I know, haha, I’m still in love! But also, the way they used the different areas in Andaz was unique, and incorporating the yacht to share focused time with the guest, was awesome!

Thanks a lot, Anita and Matt, for a full-of-love wedding in the middle of one of the most beautiful areas in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica destination wedding

Anita and Patrick’s Beautiful Costa Rican Wedding at Andaz



A Heartfelt Thank You

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the gathering, Anita and Patrik expressed their gratitude to their loved ones for sharing in their special day. In the heart of Costa Rica’s breathtaking beauty, amidst the laughter and the love, they had found the perfect beginning to their journey together.


Anita and Patrik’s Costa Rica destination wedding was not just a celebration of their love; it was a testament to the transformative power of love and the beauty of embarking on life’s greatest adventure together. As they set sail into the horizon of their future, may their hearts remain forever intertwined, guided by the memories of their magical day amidst the splendor of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica wedding photographer ~ Adri Mendez

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Hotel ~ Andaz

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Celebrate Your Love Story in Costa Rica!

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